Katla Fish Seed



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  • 1 Pieces :10
  • 1 K.G:5000
  • 2 K.G:10000
  • 3 K.G:15000

Fish Seed Type
  • Finger Size
  • spawn
  • Fry

Product Details

  • Details      Keeping the diverse requirements of customers in mind, we are instrumental in providing Katla Fish Seed.
  • Company     "Sandilya Fish Seeds Pvt. Ltd" is a trader of Catla Fish Seed, Common Carp Fish Seed, Magur Fish Seed, Rohu Fish Seeds, Silver Carp Seed.
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Disclaimer: Please contact us before you buy fish seeds, 8120446754 7772982402

Sandilya Fish Seeds Pvt. Ltd" is a trader of Catla Fish Seed, Common Carp Fish Seed, Magur Fish Seed, Rohu Fish Seeds, Silver Carp Seed.

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You will get much better quality fish seed in my fish farm than other fish farms.
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Katla Fish Seed

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